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Is your doiwnload folder taking more time to load ? Find out how to solve it

Do you confront this issue where Downloads or some other library envelope open ease back when contrasted with different organizers? This is a typical issue and is looked by clients regardless of whether they are utilizing the most recent equipment like SSDs. In the event that the Downloads envelope sets aside a long opportunity to open in Windows 10, at that point this post offers a focus on an answer for fix the moderate stacking download organizer and make it open quicker. There are many Microsoft Online Support who solve the issues that are related to the operating system. But these simple problems don’t need such support.

The fundamental purpose for this issue is that the organizer may have been improved for review photographs or other media groups. Along these lines, it takes a short time to stack every one of the documents and their thumbnails. However, on account of the Downloads organizer, it, for the most part, contains a wide range of records, for example, archives, compress documents, sound/video records, and so on. Along these lines, there is no compelling reason to upgrade this organizer for media records as it were. Doing as such is just going to make Windows File Explorer moderate in stacking its substance and thumbnails which are non-existent for general records.

Here are the steps to solve this issue

  • Go to the download folder and right click it.
  • Select the properties option
  • Open the Customize Tab
  • “Optimize this folder for” a drop down appears there the default selection would have been pictures or video change that to General items.
  • Select apply then restart your desktop then you won’t face this issue.

Through this, you can solve the slow loading issue. But for the major issues, you may need the help of computer technical support services who will solve your issues. The elite IT is one of the best in solving all the technical issues as well as Microsoft office tech support.

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